Uga Idays 2020

The past few weeks have been quite intense with my master’s coursework and the i-Days 2020. I was fortunate enough to participate in this years i-Days 2020 even though it was held remotely because of another COVID-19 lockdown in France.

What is i-Days

It is an event organized by EIT Health for innovation to promote a healthier life. It encompasses the fields of nutrition, physical activity, or artificial intelligence in health and is a competition between teams with students of multiple disciplines to pitch the most innovative idea in 5 days.

Day 1-2

There was nothing productive about day 1. I just met my teammates and we started brainstorming on the idea from the evening. For the first two days, we struggled in finding an idea. We went forward with an Augmented Reality based app which uses AI to educate people about nutrition, deficiency diseases, etcetera. The only problem, it had no fixed direction when it came to knowledge about diseases or nutrition, or hormones in general.

Day 3

After talking to numerous experts in the fields of AI, Nutrition, and Physical Activity, we realized the drawbacks of our initial idea and chose to change it. We switched to a very simple idea which was to create an application to monitor the amount of Vitamin D nutrition by sunlight received for the elderly.

The idea

We realized that most old people don’t use smartphones, but their children do. So we decided to go forward with a smart bracelet that measures the amount of sunlight received. The bracelet, just like any other smart IoT device, connects to a smartphone app that displays the transmitted information. It can also be used to transmit audio messages to the bracelet for the elder person to hear. Check the 3D model description for the bracelet here.

Day 4-5

The last two days were pretty intense. We just had 1 day to prepare everything for our new idea. You can check a quick description of the prototype for the app here.

Final Presentation Results

You can view our final presentation here(it’s in French).


There were a few flaws in our work because of which we didn’t win the competition. Nevertheless, the jury chose to award us with a Bronze medal!


It was a good ending to a pretty intense week. I hope I can participate in an event like this again. During the brainstorming sessions, I realized how important healthcare is especially at times like these. I feel that am pretty motivated for doing innovations in healthcare in near future.